As part of the new structured PhD program in operation in CSI, we all have to give a talk on something relevant to our research.

I chose/it was suggested to me to present “fisheye” visualizations, a technique described by George Furnas in his seminal paper “Generalised Fisheye Views”, and the 20 years on review paper, “A Fisheye Follow-up: Further Reflections on Focus + Context”. This is a really interesting data filtering approach (and not a visual technique as the name might imply).

The talk seems to have gone down well, which is nice, as I have some workshop talks coming up later this month. Creating this presentation, the first I’ve given since I left IBM last September, has proven to be very good practise for preparing a talk, and then — erk! — fielding questions. My slides are linked below.

[PDF] Talk: Information Visualization
Using View & Data Distortion

And here are some of the things I learned from my presentation:

  1. Never, ever try and say “specificity” out loud in front of other people. That is all.