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Electric sheep has become a very popular screensaver in the SRG office since it replaced my previous favourite, Fireflies some months ago. A special presentation of the high-definition version (“Dreams in High Fidelity”) is being displayed at Siggraph 2006, which starts today. We’ve seen some of the best sheep float through the office.

The holidays and sunny days recently have put some of us in a productivity slump. I know I’ve been finding it hard to get back to some projects that were left half-finished last month, but I read an inspiring article today from writer Anne Lamott on getting the first draft out of the way. It’s a simple but terrific way to get yourself motoring on something that’s been languishing in your projects pile for a while.

Mike Ash offers some help on finding help, in fora like message boards and mailing lists. I answer a lot of technical questions from readers of my site, so I can sympathise. Also useful is the definition of the “help vampire.” Again, we probably all know them when we see them. In fact, I went to college with a few of them…

A gang of us went down to Punchestown for the weekend for the annual Oxegen festival, surrounded by people who apparently still buy albums. It was my first time camping, and got pretty wet and miserable, as you can see in the photos. Rodrigo y Gabriela were of course the highlight.

Paul Graham:

What kind of book do you read and feel sad that there’s only half of it left, instead of being impressed that you’re half way through? That’s what you really like.

The last time I experienced this feeling with a book was way back when I was reading Catch-22. More recently, it has happened with Lost, Watchmen and especially Firefly.

I definitely suffer from this.