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IBM Research has some examples of a Weather Visualisation system they have designed.

We are preparing to install IBM’s Deep Computing Visualization software on a computer in the new Visualisation lab that’s hooked up to the DiamondTouch. This will allow us to both:

* “Explore the styles of interaction possible across different devices and a heterogeneous computing environment”
* Support simultaneous multi-user interactions across different displays

I am expecting to demo my simulation on the multiple displays in the Viz lab in the months ahead, so this will be a good introduction to the technology.

From the fact sheet (PDF):

High-end graphical images can be viewed in two visualization modes — SVN (Scalable Visual Networking) to increase screen resolution and multiplicity of physical displays; and RVN (Remote Visual Networking) to allow remote use of the application.

These two modes reflect two of the challenges in my PhD research: creating a visualisation of a large dataset across many displays, and to allow parts of the visualisation to migrate across devices.

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