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’Cause… breaking up is so… very hard to do. Due to the imminent destruction of the good ol’ Computer Science (…and Informatics) building, the SRG have upped and left to new environs this week. (Moving photos here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.) Gone are our homely offices in favour of a new cubicled open-plan office space, the towering partitions between desks a few inches shy of the walls that encircle the Vatican.

An eagle-eye view of proceedings
Did anybody else come in today? Who knows!

Granted, at least they’re not pumping white noise in through the ceiling, and I can still look out the window and discern what time of day it is, which makes this a sight better than my time in IBM.

Crazy skies all wild above me now
Winter howling at my face
And everything I held so dear
Disappeared without a trace

Sure, the SRG is a fantastic place to come to work in the morning, but there are still a few small changes we could put into operation to make it all the better.

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